Saturday, 12 July 2014


Today my Mum, Caitlin and I went shopping in Peterbrough. As usual I spent more than I intended but thats just how things are now! Was a great girly day out :) In the middle of the town they have all these fountains that squirt water up for kids to play in. Caitlin bless her was so self consious about playing in them :( She is such a self aware little girl its a shame. Cameron will run off and make an idiot out of himself as long as hes having fun which IMO is the best way to be, Caitlin however gets embarrassed so easily. I could see how much she wanted to go play though so being me decided the best way to make her play was to go play myself ;) Worked like a charm lol. Ruined my shoes though, lol.
We were both soaked by the end of it but was great watching Caitlin be a little kid.


  1. Bless her. Looks like great fun. Could have done with some of those round here, it was so hot yesterday.

  2. Brilliant, sure the sun dried you off in no time!


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