Thursday, 3 July 2014

Making a more boyish flower, IMO anyway

OK I'm doing things a little backwards but hey, its me lol. Yesterday I made up my Counterfeit kit for this month, one of the things in the kit were these cute little fabric flowers. Now I know I haven't shared my kit yet but I haven't photographed it so sharing this first :) See, backwards, lol.
I don't have anything like these in my stash, and usually I would leave them out but decided to have a go making my own instead :) Now when I went through my photos the other day I realised I had loads of Cameron left to scrap, and I think that's because it's so much easier to scrap Caitlin as shes a girl. With this in mind I wanted to make my flowers less 'flowery' and more a 'flower type embellishment' if that makes sense to you guys.
So I started with some of these, they're basically huge glue circles, but you can just punch/cut a circle and put DST on it instead.
You also need some ribbon. I've no idea where I got this, was sitting on the floor with my other bits, think the 'bits' area is breeding :s
1 - Stick the Gluber on some card or take your circle with dst.
2 - Twist the ribbon so it is like a long snake shape. (I tried to photograph this step, but after a glass of wine and at 11:30 holding the ribbon while twisted and taking a photo wasn't happening)
3 - Stick one end of your 'snake' in the middle of your glue circle, hold it fast and start to wind the snake round to fill the circle.
4 - Keep going until it is full.
5 - Put a brad/button or whatever in the middle and theres your 'flower' :) Now if like me you want a boyish one, don't forget what you're doing, put a pink on in then think in the morning 'why did I do that?'
Plan on photographing and blogging my kit tomorrow after Marks hospital appointment. Just a check up nothing big to worry about. :) Good timing though as the poor bloke woke up yesterday and could barely move his knee. Quick trip to drs and they think he has osteoarthritus (sp) so they've given him some gel to rub on, told us to get an xray and hes being assessed for a wheelchair. I knew he'd end up in a wheelchair eventually and as his health and mobility has taken a huge nosedive the past few months I expected it, poor Mark though, think he keeps expecting to wake up and suddenly feel like a young guy again so hit him hard. Like everything else though I'm sure he'll adapt soon, got to keep thinking positive! lol


  1. I nearly bought some of those the other day, very clever :)

  2. Not seen those giant dots - they make it so much easier. I made a pile of these for a challenge and used the silk leftover from my wedding dress and had to use little stitches to keep the flowers together - wish I had known about these giant dots then. Look forward to seeing what you do with the flowers x

  3. Great job with the flowers, and changing the middle is something I'd do! Hope Mark remains upbeat and positive with all the challenges he is facing. x

  4. Love the look of that on the tag.

  5. Great flowers - looking forward to the kit!
    Sorry about the osteoarthritis ... hope the gel helps x


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