Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Back to normality

Wouldn't be a Steele family holiday without a little drama would it?! Last night we took the coach to the airport and arrived around 2am. The kids were all tired and grumpy so we got them off with their little cases, got our cases and went into the airport. At that moment Cameron asked 'Where's Teddy?' Teddy, who he has had since he was 2, slept with every night and took every holiday we've been on. Mark moved faster than I have ever seen him and went back but the bus had gone. Cameron by this point was hysterical with Mum and I offering to take him to Build a bear in London, on the moon, buy him any bear he wanted?! Honestly I think if someone had said 'here I have Teddy but it will cost you £300' I'd have handed over my credit card without question. We couldn't find an english speaking rep anywhere so had to join the queue to check our luggage.
The girls were little stars, telling cam Teddy was on an adventure, he would come home when he was done etc but Cam was having none of it and kept asking us to please find him. By now all our hearts were breaking so when Mark and Bri found an English member of staff I was so excited! Bless her she said she would go look and see if she could ring someone and find out if Teddy was still on the bus and if we could get him posted out of something. If I'm honest I wasn't holding out much hope but we went and sat by the Thompson desk as instructed.
20, sad, dressing minutes later my Mum suddenly says, 'Cameron, who's this' and we turned to see the lady walking towards us holding Teddy! OMG I could have kissed her! Luckily she had thought to check the bus parking in case the driver was waiting for a airport pickup which he was and she had found Teddy. I have never been so happy to see that threadbare little toy in my life!
So after that the trip was pretty uneventful. Travelling through the night, and 4 red bulls to keep me going on the drive home we were back! Luckily our luggage made it with us as Gatwick have been having problems past couple of days but my Mum and Dads case was bashed to hell and covered in oil! Did complain but nobody cared so not much to do there.
On the way home we went to the kennels and picked up my baby :) I had missed him SO much while we were away but the kennels had put pictures and videos of him on Facebook for us to see so that helped. :) Think he's happy to be home too :)
Poor Mark is suffering though. It's been a long week and journey for him and he's in a lot of pain in his joints and ankles so has gone to bed with his feet raised to help.
I however have a mountain of washing to tackle before the red bull wears off!

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  1. Phew glad Teddy is well, not so sure about Mark's snkles though :(


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