Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lets go to the beach!

Today we decided to make the most of the free bus and went to the beach. Now I used to love the beach, I'd spend hours in the water as a kid. Since I had kids of my own however I see the beach for what it really is, a huge amount of sand that gets EVERYWHERE and a vast amount of water to lose sight of said children in. With four adults to three kids though it couldn't be that bad, right?
As I've said before my Mum has a huge phobia of water so she stayed on the beach with the kids. Mark was struggling today so he sat on a lounger under a umbrella and watched Mollie and Cait leaving me and Bri with Cameron in the sea.
Now we did fine, apprently though there wasn't enough sand on the beach for the girls to share so that led to a row and Caitlin having sand thrown into her face *sigh* so she went off to play with my Mum and the beach ball while Mollie sulked. Oh well can't be happy families all the time!
Cameron on the other hand was quite content to just walk about in the water jumping over waves, surprising considering he hates water and the pool which you can't get Caitlin out of it :s
Typical beach, buried shot lol.
After managing to get rid of most of the sand we walked to the local shops for some bargains. They seemed to have lots of 'end of season' sales on which confused me as I thought it was the start of the season :s Got the kids these two yappy dogs which they just HAD to have though. Same kind of thing you get at the beach markets here where the dog yaps and walks forward. Mum was a bit gutted as she bought one at the hotel the night before for 13 euros which these were only 6. Opps.
Also bought Caitlins this beautiful Spanish dress set. Dress, shoes, hair clip and fan, 14 euros! The dress alone in the hotel was 26!
With not much on in the hotel tonight we took the kids to the park and let them play while we had a cocktail. Its a hard life ;)

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