Thursday, 3 January 2013

13 things about me

One of the films I watch every Christmas is 'Mrs Miracle'. Its a typical predictable Christmas film, guys wife dies leaving him with 2 kids, he becomes a recluse until a new nanny called 'Mrs Miracle' comes along and helps him find love and a new lease of life. One part of it though hits home, the boys ask their Dad what their Mothers favourite colour was and the Dad has no idea. If I was to die while the kids were still young poor Marks got no hope of telling them much about me as his memory is dreadful lol. in that vein, and with it now being 2013 I thought I would share 13 things about me you might not know (2013 things would be a bit much!)
1 - If I could pick any job in the world I'd be a Criminal psychologist. I LOVE to figure out why people do what they do and killers often seem to have such random thoughts its so interesting to put them all together to find the reason why. It's originally what I started university hoping to be but there's so few routes into the job I went down the teaching route instead. I now live my dream watching things like Criminal minds and Castle lol.
2 - I HATE people who park when its not a parking space. Daft I know but it drives me mad! At our local asda there's always people parked on the end of rows which are NOT spaces!!! it means I can't see if a car is coming around the corner and might cause an accident. One day I swear I'll take a brick to some windows. lol.
3 - Speaking of that, once I lost my rag and almost wrote off a van lol. I was pregnant with Caitlin and Cameron was only about 5 months old. Our neighbours at the time would always have their parents park across the end of our driveway when they came to visit despite the fact they had their own, perfectly good driveway! One day I was late for a midwife appointment, Cameron was screaming the place down and they had a big bloody van blocking my way. I beeped and beeped but nobody came out so I lost my temper and reversed full speed into it, (Cameron wasn't in the car I'd like to point out) then calmly went back into the house. Not my proudest moment but they didnt block our driveway again. :)
4 - I've always wanted to live on a farm. Grow my own veggies and have small animals like chickens.
5 - My ideal evening is staying home, relaxing with a glass of wine and either a good book or some crafting. I'm a right homebody :)
6 - I love the ocean. Stick me by the beach and I'm at my happiest. I love swimming but pools always smell horrible and are so loud and fake, give me the sea any day :)
7 - My first memory is of my little sister being born. I was wearing a yellow dress and got out of the back of a van (no seatbelt laws back then!) with a big bunch of flowers for my mum. Funnily enough can't actually remember meeting my sister lol.
8 - When i was a little girl i stuck a piece of lego up my nose. One of the really tiny bits. I think I had a runny nose at the time and found that under my pillow. Obvious solution! My mum completely freaked out and no amount of pepper would make me sneeze and dislodge it. Ended up in hospital where they removed it and gave me a huge teddy bear, lollypop and balloon. Was ready to go home and do it again!
9 - I love eating out, I love eating full stop really, but sitting in a resturant having someone else cook for me is a great night out to me. :)
10 - I LOVE teal. As my new living room shows lol, but my other favourite colour is lilac.
11 - i love music and walking. In Summer I could happily walk for hours just listening to my ipod.
12 - I'm a great person to have around in a crisis. I usually keep really calm, deal with everything then freak out later. I never used to be, I used to freak out at the drop of a hat but I think Marks illness and everything we went through then mellowed me out a bit.
13 - I have a pink and lilac eeyore I struggle to sleep without. I need something to hug otherwise I feel uncomfortable and the Eeyore mark bought me years ago fits perfectly.
Well that was harder than I thought! God I'm boring if I can't think up 13 things about me lol. Ah well, kids enjoyed swimming today and have gone off to bed to watch tv. marks at his friends house last night so relaxing night for me hopefully scrapping! Now christmas is over I'm working to reorganise my stash (again!) as the garage is leaking and I'm not risking my stuff getting moldy or rusty!
Looks good so far. :) Loves those bargain jars.


  1. Let's hope you become Felicity Kendal soon.
    I'm also trying to blog everyday and not sure how long it will last!

  2. Ha Ha ! Good luck with posting every day :) Nice post btw.

  3. Nice to record your favourite things. Good idea Gemma. TFS. ~Glen~

  4. This is a really great post Gemma. I could have written numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 12 because they all relate to my dreams, goals and irritants. I did number 3 once too but to a car not a van :) and I did put Lego up my nose by did pour a glass of coke up there once! x


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