Monday, 7 January 2013

Storytelling Monday

One of the blogs I follow 'Buckinghams palace' by Jo, does something called storytelling sunday. It started here and is such a good idea I think :) :
I have no idea how to do links lol. Made me think about the whole memories for the kids should I die thing so going to try to keep up with it :) Not the best start granted that I'm doing it on Monday instead of Sunday but hey, better late than never!
So the first prompt is to talk about something precious to you. After much thinking about this I picked my Lord of the rings charm bracelet. Ok this is a picture I got off the internet but mind is upstairs and I'm very lazy lol.
Anyway, story behind this is that I'm a huge Lord of the rings fan :) When the films first came out I was still living at home with my Mum and Dad. I loved all the Lord of the rings merchindise but it was all so expencive! I was at college working part time and while my Mum and dad both worked we were not well off by any means so most of it was a bit of a pipe dream. This bracelet was one of them. I'd seen it in a magazine and fell in love with it but at over £100 NO chance! Few months later it was christmas and each year my um keeps one special gift until after dinner for us, kind of a way to keep the day going iywkwim. Anyway my sister was given a beautiful gold charm bracelet and I was handed a little box. With much anticipation I opened it and found...........a purple jewllery box. Pretty, but a bit of a letdown lol. Then I noticed the base was a little wobbly, ohhhh secret compartment. Opened it to find this bracelet :) I went a little mental lol. I think it's the first time my parents have managed to genuinly surprise me with a gift as I always find them out beforehand. The fact I knew they couldnt afford it and had obviously scrimped to get it just made it that more special. Over the years I've lost a LOT of jewllery but treasured that bracelet :)
On the subject of things that are precious this is another layout I did with Caitlin. This coat was such a bloody hassle last year! Cameron saw it in the Next catalogue and as it was blue and therefore the best thing ever in camerons mind he wanted it. It was £28 for a blue jacket which in my mind was a bit much. Tried every cheaper store we knew he didnt want anything they had. Went to Next, tried some of their nicer jackets, nope just wanted that one. There was one in his size but I was still iffy about it so said we'd keep looking. Nearly two months later he had grown out of his current jacket and desperatly needed a new one so I gave in. Could I find that blue jacket anywhere?! NOPE! sold out online, in corby, northampton (both stores), peterbrough, and even in london when my Mum went down there. I was seriously regretting not getting it when I had a chance! Finally when we were shopping one day I thought I'd have a quick check and see and yey! They had one in his size! Look how happy he is :)
Love this little chipboard shape. Think it's a girl really but still cute :)
Well today was first day back for the kids. Cameron was a little weepy as he always is after holidays saying he was going to miss us but was fine when he got there. Caitlin was pretty much skipping :) All worries about lunchtime were put to rest when she got there (thanks for messages telling me it will be ok!) There is another little girl shes friends with called Lucy, lovely wee girl, so sweet. Anyway Caitlin showed her her lunchbox and said she was having packed lunch today, Lucy squealed 'yey!' and gave her a hug. :) So sure she'll be able to sit with Lucy :) All that worry for nothing! lol


  1. Loved the jacket story - yes he looks very pleased with himself. :o)
    Sue x

  2. So you see, Gemma, she was fine! Love the coat and bracelet stories :)

  3. Hi Gemma - I always say it's never too late for a story: Monday is just as good as Sunday :) It's a lovely one too, with that Lord of the Rings connection, for a first "precious" of the year. Thanks so much for joining in - it's great to have you with us for the start of the year. Same time next month, maybe?

  4. We are huge Lord of the Rings fans here, too. What a wonderful bracelet & a great story for your first Storytelling Sunday! So glad you joined in.

  5. How fun that your mother really managed to surprise you with that bracelet! Thanks for joining in STS!

  6. I love both of your stories and the layout that shows of the coat is so sweet. I love how the kids get so excited when they find out someone else is having packed lunch with them :) x

  7. There have been many times when my story doesn't get written till late in the week! I am endevouring to fix that this year :-) The LOTR theme really suits this first story. When I saw Sian's theme of pick your precious it was the first thing that popped into my head!!! It is wonderful when our parents completely take us by surprise :-)

  8. I love both your stories - my family are Lord of the Rings fans too. I can remember scrimping enough together to buy a silver version of "then preciousssssss" for my youngest daughter when she was about 13. She still has it in her jewel box, but sadly it no longer fits her. Thanks for sharing your stories. J xx

  9. Well as I'm reading your story on the Saturday - you weren't late at all :) Lovely story and mine was almost about a bracelet. I think a lot of us were tempted by the LOTR connection too :)


Thanks for your comments. :)