Saturday, 19 January 2013

Still poorly :(

No photos and a quick post today as I'm SO tired!!!! Poor Caitlin is still not feeling 100%. Temps still a tiny bit high but nothing compared to how it was before. Shes basically just sleeping constantly, blocked nose and coughing. Poor baby has eaten nothing but Jelly today and is in a right mood with me because I won't give her a yogurt. Hoping she will be better by Monday as we need to take Mark for a medical assesment which is a couple hours drive away :(
As we knew we'd be pretty much stuck in this weekend we decided to take up the Lovefilm instant 30 day free trial on Friday. After MANY issues we finally got it sorted this morning and personaly I hate it lol. Its so tempermental and nothing has subtitles so not great for me. Hopefully Blockbuster won't go under and we can keep with them but will wait and see. While we have it however I'm making the most of it. :) I recently watched the first couple of episodes of greys anatomy. Seriously how have I not watched this before?! Ok I'm a fair few seasons behind so catching up on instant as we speak lol.

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  1. Poor Caitlin, I hope she's better soon x


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