Monday, 28 January 2013

On and on and on

Ok moaning first so if you can't be bothered to read my rant skip down this paragraph lol. Well the news i got yesterday was that my sister had yet AGAIN met up with the violent ex and got in trouble with the police. So this morning went to social services to fill them in and yet again beg/yell/cry at them to get them to do something. Nope still doing nothing. So thats been one year four months since she's been told if she goes near him the girls will be removed and time after time shes been near him and even moved him into the house and the girls are STILL there!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok rant over. After our very pointless meeting mum and I went to Asda for a coffee and shopping, then tesco for coffee and shopping (rock and roll lifestyle we lead lol) Tescos has been opened for only 5 days now and reading their facebook page has proven to be SO funny! The amount of people kicking up over the daftest things, seeming to take actual offence because they don't stock something they think they should is honestly mental. One reacurring topic is Lucky Charms cereal. I'm sure this was out when I was a kid and I dont remember it being very nice, obviously I'm wrong on this as they sold out of it within an hour of opening and theres been a pretty much constant 'when will there be more?!' conversations on facebook since! On Saturday they posted they had actually sent out a van to get more and apprently they managed as this was there today.
£5 for a box of cereal?! Is it just me or is that a bit much? lol. I was half tempted to buy some just to see what the fuss is all about but not at the price.
Well I have a pounding headache and a busy day tomorrow so early night I'm thinking!


  1. It certainly wasn't around when I was a kid but then I am squillions of years older than you. I remember my niece having it when she was about 2 or 3 (she is 22 now) - she use to pick out all the sweetie bits and leave all the rest - needless to say her Mum packed up buying it!!

    Sorry your sister is still being a PITA and that ss are being now use at all :(

    Karen x

  2. £5 for a box of cereal!!!!
    Hope things get sorted with your sister.


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