Saturday, 12 January 2013

Oh well.

well today started off great, kids slept in so didn't get up until almost 10, then I left them in bed with mark watching TV while I made a mega breakfast for them. :)
They were so excited and I was called 'awesome' more than once. Go me! lol. I admit I had a few bits too but OMG the toast was amazing! It was hedgehog bread from asda and toasted with butter and jam was so yum. We have a freezer full of it from Christmas eve where asda had them all reduced to 5p. 5p for HUGE loaf, wasn't saying no to that!
During our nice relaxing morning however I got a call from Homestart. They needed some help and were desperate, would only be from 1-3 would I come in. 5pm I was home lol. hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more to plan!

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