Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Distraction day

Once every 3 months or so Mark has to go to Birmingham for a check up on how well his liver is doing. Usually I'm worried enough about these as it is, the travelling down there, getting about, what the drs might say, even though he goes with his friend Eric who I fully trust with Marks safety it's still a concern. This time though it's a little worse :( When Mark had that infection before Christmas they found out his spleen was enlarged. Now apprently this could be due to a number of things, one of which is his portal vein becoming blocked and his liver packing up again. NHS being NHS they decided to wait until his appointment at Birmingham to find out, so today is the day. rather than sitting at home freaking out the plan is to clean and tidy the house to distract me this morning then going to the shops with my Mum this afternoon. Poor Caitlin seems to have gone through a growth spurt over Christmas and her tights are way too small for her now lol.
Last few of the layouts I did the other night now :) Need another crafting session I think. This is a super old photo of Cameron. We found an old phone of marks when clearing out the garage last summer and it had a load of photos on it of Cam as a baby. This one was when poor wee man had the nerovirus :( oh it was horrible! He got it a month or so before Christmas and it wasn't until February he fully got back to normal. I called it 'Poorly little dragon' as the dressing gown he has on had little spikes down the back and ears like a dragon on the hood.
Amazes me how little he has actually changed from this age, except obviously getting bigger lol.
Another one of Cameron. In Disneyland there is a area where they have thrones like the Queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland. All the kids took turns sitting in the throne but Cameron was the only one to sit like he owned the whole place lol.
Very smug look there. The tag on the side I made at the last Sarahs card retreat as a Make and take. Not long till the next one now!
Well off for Coffee soon. Have has 'What happens in Kavos' on in the background as I type. not sure if you've seen that but OMG those people are mental! Basically go on holiday to drink anything which doesn't move and sleep with anything which does. If I say I've just learned from the show that drinking urine from other people can give you STDs it pretty much sums up the tone of the show lol.


  1. Cute LOs, hope the news is good when Mark gets home :)

  2. Love the layouts, that programme sounds erm, interesting lol. I hope Marks results are good ones, fingers crossed xxx

  3. Gorgeous layouts, I have a picture of DD sitting on the throne. I hope everything is ok with Mark x

  4. Lovely layouts Gemma, I hope Mark's appointment went well and you managed to get sufficiently distracted! :)


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