Monday, 14 January 2013

What a difference a day makes!

Rememeber I was asking where the snow was? Well it turned up! lol. There was a small amount at night so a sprinkling when we woke up, but it came in full force during the day. We took the sleds when we picked up the kids and took them over to the park to play.
Cameron was a little daredevil as usual but was quite surprised how brave Caitlin was! She doesn't like falling, its a big no no, but she didn't care and had a great time.
After getting soaked and cold we went home to heat up and get some dinner. caitlin was being really whingy on the way home and then constantly complained she was cold. Even with fluffy pjs, dressing gown, blanket etc, however she scoffed a whole pizza and banana so thought she was just playing on it. Gave her a hug at bedtime though and OMG her temp had shot up! Got the thermometer and it was 41 degrees. :( Gave her some calpol and settled her in my and marks bed. She came down about an hour later though crying she was all alone :( so shes now sleeping on the couch. Apart from the high temp and feeling cold though she seems fine so hoping she'll feel better tomorrow.
Well had planned to craft but oh well! Tv night I'm thinking!


  1. Glad they had fun in the snow and hope Caitlin is feeling better

  2. Looks like they had a lot of fun. I hope Caitlin is better now x


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