Thursday, 17 January 2013

Scrapping instead of cleaning!

Ohh scrapping :) As I'm so tired at night lately and I'm up to date with the housework (before I start decorating Camerons room next week, eeek!) I thought I'd chill out and do some scrapping this morning. :) I'm lucky that although I don't have a desk anymore to scrap on, the kids are really good at being careful around my bits if I keep them on the rug, they often have games actually where the rug is the 'lava' and they need to avoid it lol.
One thing I need to make is a card for a very special person. When Mark was sick, I had a newborn (caitlin) and a very poorly toddler (cameron) to care for and I was only 24 myself it was seriously the worst time of my life. My health visitor connected me with a family support worker called Yvonne and I genuinly think Mark and I wouldnt be together if it wasn't for her. She came every week to the house to see me and it gave me someone to vent at and to give advice. I remember on one bad day I was angry at how much I had to do, Cameron was suffering from colic, night terrors and petit mal epilepsy and caitlin was only a couple of months old so I had a lot on my plate, due to Marks illness he was more like another child and absolutly no help. I was really upset and ranting at how unfair he was and why wouldnt he help, when she simply said to me 'Maybe you're asking him for something he just cant give' it was actually like a lightbulb had gone off, it was just suddenly an omg shes right moment. I suppose I'd been so tired and so stressed I had focused on what Mark WASN'T doing when it was more Mark COULDN'T do it. Obvious now but then I didn't really get it. At the time we didn't know quite the extent of his illness which didnt help either. Anyway thats stuck with me since and at the time really changed my attitude towards him.
Anyway, since then things have got better, I started doing volunteer work in the same building as Yvonne and she trained up as a social worker. She is now leaving us to hopefully go on to bigger and better things, theres a little leaving party for her tomorrow so need to make her a long overdue thank you card .:) I've already bought her a Yankee candle set with a candle and a little shade over the top to light up when the candle is lit, and an extra candle called 'A childs wish' which I thought was particually apt :)
Managed a few layouts so far, rug is completly covered lol


  1. Aw, I'm sure she'll love your card and gift :)

  2. She sounds like a very special person and I'm sure she'll love your gifts! lots of busy crafting on the rug! I often scrap on the floor too! Sarah x

  3. She sounds such a special person and will make a great social worker x


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