Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How is it wednesday?

How is it Wednesday?! Wheres the week gone? Got a busy day ahead today, shopping, cleaning, bills etc. Caitlins still off today, she went to bed ok last night but woke up at 11:30 burning again. Gave her some neurophen and tucked her up with me and she slept a bit better than the night before. This morning shes still not 100% but seems a lot brighter so hopefully thats the worst of it done now :)
Haven't scrapped in ages! Well Saturday but seems ages lol. Been meaning to but by the time night comes I'm no good for anything except collapsing in front of the tv. i've been asked to make some bunting for our local homestart center so need to do that. I've also got to prepare a presentation for Ofstead for tomorrow with the aim of starting a crafting class at the children center. Slightly nervous but hopefully will go well. Short post as haven't really done anything of note! My mum made me laugh though:
Txt from dads phone - Hiya its mum, whats Nicolas (my sister) number, its not on your dads phone.
*Ring mum*
Me - Its ********** Why do you need it anyway?
Mum - *stressed out* Well your Dad doesnt have it on his phone and I don't remember it and I left my phone at her house, so need to ring her to tell her to bring it round.
Me - If she has your phone why didn't you just ring your phone?
Mum - Because I need to ring you for you to tell me to do something clever like that!
I was still laughing about half an hour later.


  1. LOL! Parents! Great story, glad Caitlin is improving :)

  2. LOL mum's and phones! My mum rang me from her home on our landline and I could tell she was on her mobile (this was in the days when using a mobile was expensive) I asked her why she was using her mobile and she replied, because I didn't know where you'd be! Huh?
    Sue x

  3. That is so funny :) I'm glad Caitlin appears to be on the mend. Good luck with the report x

  4. Ha Ha !! Glad Catlin is on the mend. Good luck with Ofstead


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