Tuesday, 22 January 2013

So cold!

I think I have spent most of today with either numb fingers or numb toes lol. Well today was both kids back at school, yey! Caitlin was quite excited to see her friends but I think cameron was hoping for another snow day, oh well! I for one was quite happy to get back into routine. This morning I was helping a friend who struggles to get about, obviously in the snow its 10x worse so we took her eldest to school, then I dragged (and I mean dragged)her youngest in her buggy to asda to go shopping. We have a massive new Tesco store opening on Thursday and Asda seem to be going a bit mad with the big banners and thigns in store showing promotions lol. was an interesting trip trying to get the buggy and the trolley around all the ladders and cages of food that filled all the isles.
It's seriously sad how much I'm looking forward to tesco opening on Thursday. I love supermarkets. All the different foods (yeah bit surprise I like food :p) and all the other products they sell these days. Crafting things, household stuff, and I love looking at the foods and sweets from other countries. My Mum always jokes about me being in Asda all the time, looks like I'll have another place to go now lol.
Camerons friend came for dinner today, same one who came on Saturday to play.Its great to see Cameron having fun, though he was a bit weepy, think he's getting what Caitlin had :(; but am I the only one who struggles with having other peoples kids in the house? I don't mind with my neices and close friends kids as I know how they behave and I feel ok telling them not to do something if they do something they shouldnt. but with a child and I don't really know the parents..... it just feels wrong! Don't get me wrong I'm not shouting at any of them or anything but it was like at dinner the wee boy was talking with his mouth full. My kids I'd tell them to swallow first but I don't want cams friends going home telling their parents I told them what to do. See these are the stupid little dilemas nobody tells us about before we have kids!
Still watching Greys anatomy. Halfway through season 2 now. Poor Marks losing the will to live I think.


  1. Lol, all Imogen's friends know exactly how to behave at my house!!!!

  2. I hope you've warmed up. I would have told him not to talk with his mouth full, some kids aren't lucky enough to have parents who teach them the basics like that x


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