Friday, 4 January 2013

Crafting :)

Last night was Marks night at his friends, so settled the kids in bed and started scrapping! Theres a strange satisfaction in using up scraps which is great because I have plenty of them! Did manage 3 layouts but only titled one of them so far.
This photo is from I think last summer, either that or the summer before lol. I used some of the bits I got in recent Christmas swaps along with other bits from my bits box.
The butterfly was actually from an old necklace which snapped. Waste not want not lol.
Well today we went to B&Q. Not my fave store but the only one we could go to as had £50 of vouchers. I had a simple list of things I wanted, some 'No more nails' glue, and a short bookcase for Camerons room so he could display his lego models. Nope, doesnt exist! lol. After much deliberation and looking about at what they had we ended up with a couple of shelves and some RUB boxes. Not ideal but does the job, god knows what I'll do after their birthdays! lol


  1. I love using up scraps too, Gemma, like you say, very satisfying. Cute page, love the colours, very Summery

  2. I'm another one who loves to use scraps. Your layout is great and I love how you've recycled the butterfly! x

  3. Super scrapping and well done on using your scraps.
    Sue x


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