Thursday, 10 January 2013

Almost the weekend :)

I'm really excited about this weekend. :) Tomorrow Cameron is going to 'Forest schools' which is a weekly trip with his class to a local animal park where he goes in the woods, gets muddy and learns about nature. To say he's excited would be a GROSS understatement :) After school we're going to my Grans for dinner which the kids always love then home for family night. Caitlin wants to do more crafting and Cameron wants to play the computer. Fine with me lol. Saturday is usually a relaxing day, playing games and doing whatever takes our fancy. think the kids will need a chill out day after the first week back at school, usually they're up way before us but every morning this week we've had to wake them. lol.
The only blip on our weekend is tomorrow after school, we have a meeting to go and talk to Camerons teacher. Yesterday he came home saying that a girl had punched him in the ear twice. There was a little in his bag confirming this and stating a cold compress had been applied and the situation dealt with. However this girls name has come up a number of times in the past with violence against Cameron and also talking with other parents she has been violent against their children. Now I know kids can be kids, Camerons come home loads saying 'so and so' pushed him in the playground but this is a different level and I admit its concerned me. Cameron doesn't seem to be bothered, he was more surprised that a child would do that as its been drummed into him so much that hitting is wrong! But talking to the teacher would put my mind at ease if nothing else. Hopefully will go well and I won't come across as one of those mothers who is a little TOO protective of her child lol.
Quite fittingly I've been reading this on my kindle. I've just got to a part where the boy in the story has been excluded from school for excessive violence which while unexceptable was simply learned from his horrible home life.
I don't know how it ends yet but I've been told to prepare myself for some shocking revelations. I love all these kinds of books, having worked with so many children from very difficuilt backgrounds and all kinds of abuse, and also working with their parents I enjoy reading about others who have similar experiences. If Mark wasn't so ill I would love to be a foster carer myself but as things stand I couldnt give the time or attention a vunerable child would need. Maybe one day though :)
Well that was a bit of a depressing post. :S Wasn't meant to be lol. Hopefully have some happy layouts to share tomorrow :)

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  1. Poor Cameron, hope the teacher takes it seriously - good luck.


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