Sunday, 27 January 2013


I started today with good intentions, I wanted to tidy out the wardrobe then get my scrapping stuff in from the garage to put into the space. Well i got everything out the wardrobe,made lunch and did a jigsaw with Cameron, got some of the stuff in from the garage and dumped it in the bedroom, rememebred I had craft stuff in the drawers, got distracted going through the drawers, realised it was time to start dinner, did dinner, mum came round, did bath, homework, beds, and now here I am. Theres craft stuff all over the bedroom and livingroom and nothing is where it should be.
Oh well, I had good intentions lol, and I did tidy out the drawers pretty well so thats something. I'm under no illusions that tomorrow will be better as had some news today that needs handled first. Will see how that goes before I say more on it.


  1. That's the sort of thing that I do and then it's not until I go to get in bed that I realise I have to clear the bed and put everything away first! x


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