Saturday, 5 January 2013

Crafting with Caitlin

Sounds like a tv show doesnt it lol. Well tonight was my daughters first intorduction to scrapbooking. We bought her akiddie kit for Christmas and shes been askign daily to use it so tonight we had a crafting session together. :)
Now I had a lovely image in my mind of how this would work. She would pick a picture with my help, we'd pick pretty papers together, I'd help her to put her embellishments on and then we'd both stick it all down together. Note a running theme there, TOGETHER! Yeah that wasn't how it worked:
Me - Do you want me to help you Caitlin?
Caitlin - No I'm doing it, you do yours.
Yeah *sigh* shes a little too much like me sometimes. My involvement was basically handing her stuff, and letting her use some of my embellishments. lol. To be fair though shes pretty good all by herself. I even heard her saying to herself 'Lilos dress is red (in the photo) so I'll use red paper for the back' Bless her, I didn't think she was ever paying attention when I was scrapping but shes got it from somewhere!
She managed 4 layouts before she got bored, but did ask if she could scrap whenever I did again. :)


  1. I love my mummy and daughter crafting days - long may it continue

  2. That is so lovely, my daughter used to scrap with me. I hope we get to see some on Caitlin's layouts soon x

  3. Aww how sweet! My daughter likes to watch me scrap! She hasn't asked to join in as yet though xxx

  4. Aaaww that is so cute, my kids also scrap every now and again when they get the urge! :)


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