Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oh well lol

For valintines day I ordered mark a box of sweets form the american candy website. As thier boxes have their logos on the side I asked for it to be delivered to my mums but they went to the wrong door. Rearranged to deliver today but they got lost and rather than phoning my mobile like I told them to they phoned the house and talked to Mark who promptly gave them our address to deliver to. So he now knows his gift and has been stuffing his face all night lol. Oh well at least I know he liked it!
Quick photo of what we got, and yes, that is a 'french fry' flavout lipbalm there. Random! Got to love americans lol, think Mark might give that to Caitlin lol
Well last night me and my mum had a big row about Nicola and everything. It used to be that each of the grandkids took a turn spending friday night sleeping at hers which they loved. However a few weeks back Cameron came home and told me that Lillie stayed too. Mum refused to tell me why until a few days later I saw my sister and her face was all messed up. Turned out she'd got wasted and her friend rung my Mum to tell her to come get Lillie. So dad got lillie and nic and took them back to mums. To say I was angry that a drunk/stoned/very vocal pissed of Nicola was in the house with my son and NOBODY told me was an understatement. I've been around her when shes in that state and more than once the police have been called to deal with her so as a result I stopped my kids sleeping over. Mum was fine with that which I admit hurt, anybody tried to stop her seeing the girls she'd hit the roof but not too fussed with mine. Anyway yesterday I messaged my sister and asked what she was playing at which resulted in a rant from my Mum telling me to keep out, so I told her not to contact me again for a while. got to love the fact though that got an abusive text off my sister saying to keep out of her life, then another text this afternoon asking a favour. yeah, seriously. lol. So to keep my mind off things I pulled out an old jigsaw. Managed to do a 1000 piece jigsaw in one night so kept me busy!
Tomorrow we need to go up town. Got lots of boring little jobs to do and a few things to return so dull day ahead!

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  1. Your days never sound dull Gemma - hope things turn out OK :)


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