Sunday, 6 January 2013

Not ready!!!

I know it sounds daft, but I'm SO not ready for the kids to go back to school tomorrow. They drive me mad but I love havign them home, knowing they're OK and safe and happy. I don't know if the shooting in America just made things more scary but at school i have no idea whats going on! Even small things, like for reason Caitlins hot dinner order didn't go though so she's on packed lunch this week. Caitlins thrilled about this as shes wanted to go packed lunch for ages so she can sit next to her friend Rosie. But what if she can't sit with Rosie, theres not enough seats or Rosie doesn't want to sit with her? My baby girl will be heartbroken and I won't be there :( Oh being a parent sucks sometimes!!!! God knows what I'll be like when they're all grown up and move out, think I'll have to go spy on them.
Ok subject change before I stress myself in a panic. Caitlin really enjoyed our crafting session on saturday and was NOT impressed when i said we couldn't do it again today lol. But between dinner, bath, getting everything ready for school we didn't have a spare second. I did manage to do some layotus the other night though, again using scraps :)
I love these pictures of Cameron :) Last year in his nativity he was an angel and he loved it. These are even more special now as they didn't do a nativity in his class this year so no photos :(
I love the flower paper in the background here. I've no idea where I got it from I think it was a kit but not sure. The photo is of Caitlin last summer at the boating lake. I sent Mark to get the kids a drink and he came back with juice, crisps and HUGE ice poles for each of them. Typical *rolls eyes* lol.
I got a pack of 3 of these metal words in my stocking swap this year. Used all 3 already lol.
I called this layout 'traditions' because when I was a kid, my Mum wouldnt let us go downstairs on Christmas day until she had taken a photo of us. To a kid you can imagine this was cruel and unusual torture and I always swore I wouldn't do it to mine....... Yeah I do it every year lol
Well I've now worked myself into a panic and debating if I can homeschool Caitlin. Maybe if I fill her lunchbox with treats she won't care where she sits. Seriously HOW am I going to cope when she goes to uni?!?!?!?


  1. Gemma! STOP worrying, kids just get on with it and will be fine x

  2. They will be fine, Caitlin will have someone to sit with and you don't need to worry just yet because the average age for kids leaving home is 32 :) Great layouts and I love the photo on the stair tradition. x


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