Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow day!

Remember how I planned to have the alphabet bunting done byt tomorrow? This is how far i've got. lol
Yeah not the best. but both kids were off school today which pretty much shot in the foot all my productive ideas lol. They had a great time though :) Caitlin is back to her usual self which is such a relief, they spent most of the day playing a game where they both lived in space and went from the moon to mars. At one point Cameron, who was playing the king, forgot to get the food for dinner, so caitlin, the queen, kicked him out into space. Harsh but bet he won't forget again!
Still watching greys anatomy. I don't know about others but sometimes if I'm watching a show and theres a guy I like in it, who does something stupid I don't just get mad at him, I get mad at all men pmsl. Poor Mark knows and understands this. Well for those of you who don't watch the show theres an intern Dr called Merideth who on the first episode sleeps with a guy she meets in a bar, next day she finds out he's her new boss. Drama! But he's a sweetheart and they fall in love. All good! At least until his cheating Ex-wife comes back into town and he decides to give it another go. Drama x2 and I'm now in a bad mood with men, lol. Now I know they get back together because in the season on TV they're married with a baby but obviously I'm going to hate men in the meantime. I did expect it to be quite soon, so watched another few episodes but no, hes still with the ex! So I cheated and googled it, 23 episodes to go!
Poor Mark. lol


  1. Don't need to watch TV to be annoyed with men!!
    Think you need to get on with that bunting ;)

  2. It's great to hear that Caitlin is better and their game sounds fun x


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