Friday, 11 January 2013

Woop woop!

yey its the weekend! Meeting with cameorns teacher went well. She was svery supportive and explained all the steps she was taking to be sure the incident wouldnt happen again so feeling much better now. She again praised Cameron for his behaviour and hard, so all in all a good meeting :)
Tonight was 'family night' and typically the boys played computer (well Cameron did Mark watched lol) and the girls did crafting :) Caitlin had a box of different crafting kits from a friend for christmas so she decided to do one of those. they were really nice kits, all different things including one where you used a seclection of foam stickers to make a picture. she needed help with this one as it had a lot of layering but turned out pretty cute :)
Well have a nice, relaxing weekend planned. Have pancakes and some pastries for brekkie tomorrow, yum :) And think more crafting with Caitlin is on the cards. Yey!

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