Friday, 18 January 2013


I don't know about in your house, but here there are different levels of 'clean'
Level 4 - Kids are up and playing. Toys everywhere, probably a collectiong of cups on the table where they have drunk half a drink then gone and got another one.
Level 3 - Kids are at school - Toys where they should be, dishes all done, floord cleaned but a couple of rooms probably still need dusting, or the ironing needs done or something. This level I call 'the calm before the storm'
Level 2 - Mum coming to visit - One toy each child out (or mum will moan they're bored) on the surface everything spotless but my bedroom will look like a bombsite with everything without a place shoved in there last minute.
Level 1 - Someone visiting your house for the first time. Also known as panic level. EVERYTHING must be cleaned, sterilised and put away out of sight. Windows cleaned (I dont care if its snowing outside) Toys all put away (Just sit on the couch kids, dont touch anything!) New air fresheners in every room, kids all clean and looking tidy in nice clothes.
Right now we are attempting level 1 lol. Camerons friend Jack is coming to visit and play with his Mum tomorrow, assuming they can manage it through the snow, so been cleaning like a nutter all day lol.
Caitlins been off poorly again today, no temp this time but all snotty and full of a cold. She's been up in my bed with her also poorly Daddy though so still managed to get everything done including making a card for my friend.
I'm dreadful at cardmaking but didn't think it was too bad. Worried it might be a bit of a waste though as with all the snow coming down I might not make it to the party!
Also got this layout to share. Was a seriously quick one I did the other night. I did do two others but haven't titled those yet so can't share them. These are pictures of the kids in the stocks at the farm when we went camping. Cameron thought it was the funniest thing ever lol.
Right well back to cleaning!


  1. I used to send myself into a spin when people came round (especially my Mum) but as my dear old Nanna used to say "it'll be there when I'm gone" and indeed it is! Life's too short to worry about what other people think :)
    She'll love the card!

  2. doesn't get any better when they are older- just less "toys" more cups! I do like things to be a little tidy before i sit to craft but the rest of the time -its the "welcome" people get that matters :)
    Lovely card and page .

  3. Lovely layout - two sweet photos of the kids. Love the card too.

    (note for if I am ever visiting - skip the air fresheners, unless they contain pure essential oils, I will be on the deck within half an hour with a raging migraine LOL!! I know exactly what you mean though - I need someone to threaten to visit at the moment, the place is a tip since I have been ill - the only cleaning I have done is the dining room table so that I have somewhere to craft this weekend - I must be better as I am attempting some scrapbooking LOL!!)

    Karen x

  4. I love the layout and the card but I'm not loving all the talk of cleaning :) x


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