Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Poorly baby :(

Well Caitlin was still poorly this morning. :( She was better than last night, not shivering and wasn't complaining that her legs and arms hurt so that seemed an improvement. She did scare me though as she had spent pretty much the whole day on the couch, then got up to get a tissue and suddenly sat down saying she felt she was going to fall down. I took this to mean she felt faint so bundled her back up. She slept most of the day and is drinking loads so will see how she is tonight to see if she needs to go to the Dr tomorrow. Certainly she will be home from school though.
Well I finally remembered to photograph the layouts I did at the weekend. :) This is one of Caitlin at turkey. I was SO proud of her as she was determined to swim around the whole pool. Poor baby was paddling for all she was worth with Daddy and grandad walking along side her but she refused to give up :)
This one is a bit different, I had this lace snowflake paper for ages but never used it because it was too nice. However I've had it for I don't know how long now so got to use it sometime! I wanted the paper ot be the main focus of the layout so just added some paper and 2 stickers around the photo, and added some stickles to tie them in.
The photo is from Caitlins old ballet classes when she was a snowflake fairy, so perfect for the paper. :)
Well tomorrow I have SO much to do! Didn't get much done today as I admit I fell asleep on the couch with Caitlin lol. Really need to get some shopping so asked my Dad if he'll watch Mark and her after work so I can go in the afternoon with my Mum, poor Camerons favourite onsie broke yesterday and he was inconsolable! Keeping fingers crossed I can find him another one!


  1. Gorgeous layouts. I hope Caitlin is feeling much better tomorrow x

  2. Aw, poor Caitlin, hope she's better soon. I love that snowflake paper and how it matches beautifully with her dress :)


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