Sunday, 20 January 2013

Lots of snow!

Well Caitlin woke up today a lot happier. :) She slept from 5:30 to 11:30 only waking and being sick once so i think that really helped. She's been running about today and playing with Cameron so much better. Planning on keeping her off tomorrow (assuming schools are even open) so she can get her appitite back and get to hopefully 100%. Thinking it was sending her to school Thursday that set her back as it did.
Showing how well she was Caitlin was really excited to go out and play in the snow :) She was only out for about 15 minutes and was bundled up as much as possible but had great fun making a snowman.
I was amazed how deep it was! I know its been coming down a lot but its not really heavy just pretty constant so seems to have built up quickly. Think I'll be taking the sled to Morrisons tomorrow lol.
Well again not done much at all today, played with kids, read a bit, cleaned a bit. I have GOT to start the alphabet bunting for homestart though as due on tuesday!!


  1. Glad she's feeling better and good luck with the bunting

  2. Looks like they had lots of fun in the snow x


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