Thursday, 24 January 2013

Winter crafting

During the summer I have no issue sitting on the floor and scrapbooking. When its freezing cold however I'm more likely to be curled up on the couch under a blanket in my dressing gown lol. Kinda hard to scrapbook then! So the past few days I've pulled my cross stitching back out.
This has seriously been going painfully slow, lol. I actually started this during the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Cameron! It's not something I do constantly however, I find it difficuilt to get into as once its done theres not really anythig to do with it iykwim. Scrapbooking yeah it just gets stuck into an album but its part of my kids history, while cross-stitching is just a pretty picture. Its relaxing though so nice to sit and do, :) Maybe I'll keep it and put it in my grandkids nursery or something lol, at this rate it should be done just about in time!
Poor Cameron was still off school today, think he will be tomorrow too as he actually asked to stay home, told him he'd be missing forest schools and he cried and said he just felt too poorly. :( Poor baby. Tv and duvet day I'm thinking! I've got to go to a social services meeting in the afternoon which isn't ideal as Mark will have to drag Cameron out to pick up Caitlin but can't be helped. Family night tomorrow night too so looking forward to that :)


  1. You could mount it in a picture frame or turn it into a cushion or make a whole of different disney characters and turn them into a quilt. I really must dig my butterfly afghan back out and do some more otherwise that is destined to be one of many UFOs.

    Anyway it is looking good.

    Karen x

  2. I always have to finish things otherwise I will never go back to them - good on ya for sticking with it. Hope Cameron's better :)

  3. I have lots of unfinished cross stitch and this is the time of the year when I love to get them out and tackle them again x


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