Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Big red X

Think we need one of those on our door, lol. Mentioned yesterday Cameron was being a bit off, well he's got whatever Caitlin had. :( Poor boy had a high temp last night and is not a happy bunny this morning so is asleep on the couch. Hope he's better for Friday as it's his turn at Forest schools at school and he LOVES it! Don't know if I've mentioned it before but they basically go to a local nature reserve, play in the woods and get caked in mud. Right up Camerons alley :)
Well obviously due to having another poorly baby home not much is getting done again, certainly not crafting, but I wanted to share this with you in the meantime. :)
When we re-did Caitlins room before Christmas I saw a picture in Next which I liked, it was a smallish white frame with lots of 3d hearts inside in different sizes and colours. While it was really nice it was very pricey at £30 and I wanted butterflies. So like all crafters do i decided to do it myself lol. Unlike many things I think that about I did actually get it done an I think it looks really pretty. Took me ages punching out all the butterflies and positioning them then gluing them all down. love the result though :)
Well tomorrow we have GOT to go shopping! No milk, no bread and no washing powder at all. Thinking we're going to have a look at that new Tescos which opens tomorrow.


  1. Poor Cam hope he gets better soon xx Having seen the picture in the flesh I can vouch for how lovely it is xx

  2. Beautifully done Gemma, I did the same with a £295 picture Imogen saw in Selfridges, cost me £20 to make and she LOVES it. Hope your boy is better soon.

  3. That butterfly picture is beautiful x


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