Friday, 22 February 2013

Another layout

Not quite as productive as some other crafters I know but certainly an improvement on my usual scrapping lol.
This was using the kit again, still plenty of it left too! These are pictures from breakfast in Turkey, Caitlin for some reason wouldnt eat the cereal, crossiants, or any of the stuff she usually eats at home and would ONLY eat the baby biscuits and chocolate spread. Cameron would eat the crossiants until they came out of his ears and more than once we had to run back to the room to get them changed as they were all sticky. It got to the point where we covered them in napkins before they ate! Thats why I picked the title 'Classy!' as we certainly wern't!

I have actually spent the whole day making things but unfortunatly can't share them as they're all for swaps or gifts. Also started sorting stash for my retreat next weekend! So excited!!!


  1. Cute page, Gemma, love the little frame around the photo of Cameron and Mark (at least I presume it's Mark!)

  2. Fab layout Gemma and such cute photos! OMGosh you are so organised, I haven't even started thinking about what I need to pack lol. I also still have a couple of assignments to finish before I can think about the gifts part! Aaargh I need more hands...and a maid :D

  3. adorable photos - lovely page .

  4. That is a gorgeous layout x


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