Tuesday, 19 February 2013

First class!

Look I did a layout! lol. The kit seems to have got my mojo going again which is good as its been gone a while now! this layout is about the first time Caitlin went on a plane. I called it 'first class' because while we wern't actually in first class (I wish) caitlin told everyone we were!

Hidden journalling reads:
The first time you went on a plane we were going to Turkey. You were really scared when we first went on, mainly because we had to walk past the engine to board and the noise really paniced you. Once we sat down however Camerons excitement soon rubbed off on you and you certainly enjoyed tkae off and looking at all the clouds. I did manage to get you to have a nap but it only lasted about 5 minutes before you woke up again!

Had a better day today than yesterday, kids had swimming lessons and while they do seem to be doing a little better they both still begged not to have to go so gave in and canceled them after next week. I don't want to force them to do it and make them hate it, Caitlin used to love going to the pool but dreads it now. Will try again when they're older. :)
No plans for tomorrow so going to get stuck into the ironing. After sorting out the kids clothes in the next size up the ironing basket is full again. Feels like my life has been all about clothes the past week! lol

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  1. That is a great layout and a really cute photo x


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