Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Weekend roundup

I love the weekend :) I love spending time all four of us together. I know how lucky we are to do that and trust me I treasure every moment of it. :)
As well as our day out Saturday me and Caitlin have done lots of crafting together. Mark bless him has rested a lot so Cameron has been sitting with him and playing on his DS too. It simultionously breaks my heart and makes it swell with pride how the kids seem to know when Daddy needs quiet time and base their actions around it.
Caitlins been working her way through a box of different crafting activities she got for Christmas; she's already done some painting, foam pictures and foam figures and this weekend it was paper bag puppets and pompom animals. I love crafting with her as it amazes me how different she thinks. As adults we see inside the box most of the time, eyes go where eyes go, feet are feet etc, Caitlin however used eyes as flower centers and feet as wings for her pompom chick. She has certainly inherited her Mummys love of making things :)
Today has been freezing! Was fine all day though until I left for the school run when it suddenly started seriously snowing. Caitlins class was last one out as usual so couldn't feel my fingers by the time I got home lol.
Well tonight is Marks night at his friends, and I've just realised its only a little more than a month till mothers day so better start making my mums mini book!


  1. Love crafting with my DD too.
    Mother's Day!!! Forget that, it's just over a month until the retreat!!!

  2. She is turning into a lovely little crafter - bring your mini book to do at Meadow Barn!!

  3. Caitlin really is so creative, I love the way she thinks x


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