Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Well whats on my workdesk has actually changed since last week lol. Only done one layout and planned another but still something :) This is still from the Quirky kit, loving the little polorid frame. It came with some tissue type paper too which I decided would look nice misted. It may have worked except it got caught in the wind while doing it outside and it smudged it everywhere! So re thought using it as the background on this one and might make some little flowers with it instead.

Super quick post tonight as kids were up till gone 12 last night :( Cameron was complaining of sore legs again and then Caitlin started the same thing! Not sure if she really did have or was just following Cams lead but either way everyone needs an early night lol.


  1. Don't you just hate it when things go wrong. I went into hobbycraft the other day to get some compressed air (yes, that's what I asked for) and without checking (cos I thought she would give me the right thing) I used it on a LO and spoiled the whole thing - annoying!!!

  2. It's horrible when mother nature ruins our plans! Glad you can still make use of the misted paper x


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