Monday, 25 February 2013

Yey! good post :)

Another surprise this morning lol. Was getting kids ready for school and sent Caitlin to get her shoes, she comes running back with an envelope. I was surprised as I hadn't heard anything and post doesnt usually come till around 11 at the earliest let along 8:30! So opened it and found this :)

Yey its Camerons passport!! We only sent away for it last week so pretty impressive to get it back so soon :) I was 99% sure we'd get it before the holiday but still worried something would go wrong so feeling much better to have it in my hand :)
This is his photo lol. I think he looks really suspicious, as though the camera is going to attack him lol. He was really confused by the whole 'don't smile' prospect as usually I'm begging him to! Its an improvement on his last one though where he had a cold so has his mouth open to breathe and his tongue hanging out.

Finished sorting all my papers. This is every piece of 12x12 paper I have. Seriously not that much is it! Easy to store though so thats one good thing. Easy to take along this weekend :)

Quote of the day so far has to go to my poorly hubby on the couch. Was watching tv when the clip of Jennifer lawrance tripping at the oscars comes on. 'Gutted' mark says 'She should have just span round and set it on fire' How does his brain remember silly little trivia like that, but not important things! lol

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  1. Shiny new passport! OMG you seriously need some more 12x12, my stash contains about 20 times that!!!


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