Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wobbly tooth!

This mornign cameron complained when his teeth were being brushed. Nothing new there! But this time he was really going at it so I had a check and he has his first wobbly tooth! He was so excited :) Last year his cousin lost her first tooth and Cameron asked when he would lose his, as Mollie was 5 at the time the obvious answer we gave him was 'when you are 5' mistake! As soon as he hit 5, 'when will I lose a tooth? When will I lose a tooth?' Now it's changed to 'When will my tooth fall out?' so at least its a little variation lol.

Still not been crafting lol. After those two layouts and a few other bits my mojo has gone on holiday again. Hoping it will come back for this weekend!

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  1. How much does the tooth fairy pay these days?


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