Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Kids are expencive!

While we're never flush, we do sometimes have times when we manage to put a little aside for something nice, like a takeaway for valentines, or mothers day or something. It's usually times like these where an unexpected bill comes up lol. Today Caitlin was put forward for a dancing exam with her lessons. Great except it costs £14! Fair amount to us. Hoping shes ready for it as she refuses to show us anything at home. Her teacher says she is but since shes the one getting the money I don't really trust her judgement iykwim. So dancing, plus swimming lessons, plus Cameron now joining karate (£70) has took every spare penny we have!
Love it though :) I love to swim but as Mark can't its actullay cheaper and SO much easier to get the kids lessons rather than teach them myself. I think it's so important for them to learn just for safetys sake and once they're past a certain age it will be harder to teach them. It's a shame really as I remember going for lessons with my school when I was a kid but they don't seem to do that round here anymore, cutbacks I guess.
Thrilled with Cameron starting karate though, he doesnt do much outide of school, besides swimming but he doesnt enjoy that, and gymnastics was just too far away. He needs something structured as football was too random. We told him the aim was to get the ball into the net, so he couldnt understand why he had to pass, kick it about and all that before putting it into the net lol. So thinking karate, which is so structured and black and white will be great for him. That said he's never done it before so fingers crossed he enjoys it as I can't get my money back!


  1. It gets more expensive as they get older Gemma :)

  2. Cameron's idea of football made me chuckle. I think the schools should bring back swimming lessons because it is so important, I also think that giving them lessons is the best thing because they don't often listen to mum in the pool. I used to teach kids to swim many moons ago yet my daughter can't swim despite us having had a pool in the garden, all because she wouldn't listen to me :) x


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