Monday, 11 February 2013

Lucky charms

I mentioned a while ago that our new tesco sold Lucky Charms for £5 a box and people were going gaga over it! Seriously the first weekend they had to send a van out specifically to get more. I kinda remember having it as a kid and it being nothing special (not compared to coco pops anyway, chocolate milk people!) but with all the hype wondered if I was missing something. I wasn't about to spend £5 on a box but £1.50 for a tub was more reasonable lol.
Now the first thing I noticed was a warning on the tub, 'May affect attention and behaviour in children' Seriously!! Think thats the first time I've ever seen a warning on a cereal box lol. Second thing was that I can see why so many Americans are obese, this tub was supposed to be one serving. I put some in a bowl for Caitlin, some in a bowl for Cameron and this was what was left. More than enough for me, :)
Was actually ok, the cereal was nice, tasted like cheerios, the marshmallows were ugh, I thought they'd be soft but they were kind of gritty. Think Caitlin agreed as she picked hers out. Cameron however scoffed the lot. Wonder if it will affect his attention lol.

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  1. That is a strange warning. Now that you've taste tested them I won't waste my money on the :) x


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