Friday, 1 February 2013

Valintines day

Ok an early post of it but I was talking about it to one of my friends the other day and it made me think, we both HATE valintines day. She hates it now because this is her first year single but we've both always hated it anyway because its such a con! Flowers, chocolates and dinners will cost you twice on feb 14th than they will on feb 15th, so I hate spneding the money when not needed. However I also hate th look people give when they ask 'Oh what did you get? Oh nothing? What a pity my partner bought me a boat/car/something else stupidly pricey' Ugh. Dont get me wrong I'm all about the love and romance, just not on that specific day. As a result, I thought I'd list the top 5 things Mark does which makes me feel loved :)
1 - Hes a great Dad. Not about me I know but all Mums will know how lovely it feels to see your partner playing happily with the kids. He can't do as much as other Dads obviously but he'll sit for hours playing dolls with Caitlin, or making up sums for Cameron.
2 - Makes me tea. He can't cook, but for some reason his tea always tastes better than mine, so he always does it :)
3 - Watches all the rubbish tv I like. I'm a bad wife in the way that I hate all his sci-fi stuff, and I won't watch it, I won't. Mark on the other hand will watch endless hours of greys anatomy, criminal minds, The good wife, even though he hates it lol.
4 - He pretends to be interested in things I like. I'm currently obsessed with Greys anatomy. If I cry over it, he cuddles me and acts concerned about the people on tv. he even pretended to be all excited one of the guys were getting married because I was.
5 - he is always 'too full' for the last crossant. I LOVE them, and whenever we get them theres 8 in a pack. That obviously works out to two each, but mark always gives his second one to me :)
He does loads more, but those are the first that come to mind. :) We probably will spend Valintines day with dinner and a dvd. Pretty much what we do every Friday night. Works for us. :)


  1. Just been browsing through your blog & I loved it! :) You put across your thoughts so well & ur crafty bits r nice!!

    I love Valentine's Day!! Even though my hubby doesnt gift me anything most of the time since my bday is 2 day away n our anniversary is a week away! lol! But we always go out for dinner together :)

  2. Great post Gemma, I hate it too and I know why Mark always wants to cook ;)

  3. Aww he sounds lovely. I agree with you and hate how the prices go up for just one day x


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