Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines day

Well today is valentines day :) I admit I don't really celebrate it, not because I don't like romance or anything but it's too much hype for me. Mark however doesn't agree and bless him got me these. :) I'm pretty sure they're from poundland but tbh I love them! Will be great if I ever get back into crafting again. lol

I also got some very sweet cards from the kids but as they're in the bedroom and Marks currently having a nap I can't photograph those yet. Bless them though they're really excited and apprently Caitlins teacher told them that Mummy doesnt do any jobs at all on Valentines. Not sure how accurate that is but hey I'll take it lol.
Nothing big planned for the day, Camerons friend Jack is coming to play so mainly keeping the house tidy and not too chaotic. We've got a supermarket takeaway for tonight and the new batman film so that will be nice. :) Fingers crossed kids go bed as they havent been sleeping much recently !

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  1. At least Mark got you something for Valentine's Day unlike my DH!!


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