Saturday, 23 February 2013

If you're going to MB dont look! lol

Ok so I know I said I couldn't blog some of the things I've made but I've decided to be naughty and do it anyway. :) I know I'll just forget to do it later as I often do and then kick myself later.
Next weekend I am going on a retreat with friends. Mum and dad are watching the household, kids and Mark to give me a bit of a break. As a treat we've all agreed to make a little homemade gift for each other, it's a lovely idea really as we all do different crafts so will be interesting to see what everyone makes. :) I struggled really as I don't make many things which can be given as gifts, but then I remembered the little chocolate molds I used at Christmas. :) I've seen 'choc a block' spoons in the shops loads of times, little plastic spoons with a chunk of chocolate at the end sprinkled with various toppings, and often thought 'I can do that'. So decided thats what Id do. :) The ones with gold ribbon are topped with fudge pieces, the pink are white chocolate curls, red are chocolate covered cereal pieces and the blue are just plain. The idea is to get a cup of hot milk and stir the spoons in melting the chocolate and flavouring it too. Or you could do what Cameron did and just stick the spoon in your mouth and eat it. lol

Today has been a boring/relaxing day. We got a new computer game rental from Lovefilm, mario party 9, which Cameron loves! Its different to the other ones in the way its more teamwork rather than fighting against each other, which with 2 competitive kids is good! Much to my shame they wipes the floor with me lol. There was one game where you had to jump on different platforms to get to the top, picture me shouting 'what button is it?! What button is it?!' Mark yelling buttons at me and me yelling back 'Im pressing that nothings happening!' while the kids calmly jump to the top and win. Its a rubbish game I hate it, lol.


Thanks for your comments. :)