Saturday, 16 February 2013


Well this morning we had a great time. :) There was a 'Wildlife watch' group at a local nature park and at £1 per child I thought it would be a cheap way to entertain the kids. the weather was a lovely too, cold but sunny and dry. Ended up getting covered in mud but really enjoyed it. :) Kids loved it and were really well behaved too, they seem to be great outside, then when we get home start the fighting and whinging. lol.
We started in the big log cabin they have there, I used to camp at the park when I was a kid and we had our meals in there, seemed huge then! Anyway, they had lots of craft stuff set out for the kids so we made pirate hats for our treasure hunt, there were clues all over the park that we had to follow to find the treasure. We got very muddy, lol. I was surprised at how much Cameron was able to read and work out too, thought 'traditional' and 'hibernation' would be too hard but he had no problem. :) Was a bit of a disapointment though as when we got to the end someone had stole the treasure! They gave us some free sweets from the shop to make up but sad to think someone had stole a kids treasure.
Kids were exsausted when we got home so had a nice relaxing afternoon decorating biscuits and watching tv. :)
Caitlin came out with a funny comment:
Caitlin - Chocolate spread isn't healthy because it begins with a C.
Me - But carrots begin with a C?
Caitlin - Yeah but those are orange!
Got to love the way their minds work.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day - I'm off to eat a chocolate orange - healthy right???

  2. caitlin insists her strawberry and white chocolate spread is healthy because it has strawberry in it, so guess so yeah lol

  3. Sounds like a really lovely day but very mean of someone to steal the treasure x


Thanks for your comments. :)