Wednesday, 13 February 2013


So what's on my workdesk today? The exact same thing as last week, lol. Ok so a few papers may have moved about a bit but I have made NOTHING! I have got no mojo lately. Half term hasn't much granted but seriously need to get started on some projects as deadlines are coming up. One I've kinda abandoned lol. Some friends and I are getting together to craft at the start of next month (wow thats coming up quick!) and since we don't get together often we're all making a little gift to give each other. I was making little baskets to put sweets in but Cameron managed to spill juice on them so back to the drawing board! I know what I'm going to make instead but some read this so shhhhh I can't say anything lol.


  1. Oh dear Gemma, I hope you get your mojo back soon! I have the mojo but just can't find much time at the moment! You should definitley get it back on our weekend away :D The joys of kids in your craft room! ;)


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