Thursday, 21 February 2013

Karate night

Well camerons at Karate lessons again tonight. He loves it which is great, Caitlin not so much lol. She's usually fine but tonight is really missing her brother. :( Had a cuddle, and she stole my snack which seemed to cheer her up lol. Shes cuddled up on the couch with her Lamb teddy so shes ok at the moment.

The snack she's eating is actually cereal, lol. Shes on packed lunches this week and saw these in Tesco £1 for a multipack. I think they're still just single servings of cereal but whenever I get it they just eat it dry so I'm going to be really odd and put them in her lunchbox as crisps :) Maybe a bit odd but its hard to think of new things to put in each day, particualy with Caitlin who can't have a lot of fruit.
As well as being karate night tonight is tv catch up night! Love thursdays as Mark goes to his friends and I can watch all the tv shows that he hates. To be fair he doesn't mind me watching them when hes here but I know he hates them so feel bad doing so. Most of the shows I like, Greys anatomy, criminal minds, chicago fire etc, are all on Wednesday but last night we watched Looper. If you haven't heard of this its basically about Joseph Gorden-levitt who plays a guy called Joe. Hes a 'looper', someone who works as a contract killer but the twist is they kill people the mob sends from the future. They're given a time and place to be, a guy appears from the time machine, they shoot him and get paid. They're called loopers because if they're still alive in the future, to keep things quiet the mob will send them back and they kill themselves and 'close the loop'. However when old Joe comes back, young Joe doesn't kill him and he gets away. Old Joe decides he wants to kill his future boss, who is only a 10 year old boy in young Joes time and young Joe sets out to stop him. hard to explain but was really a good film. Ending kinda sets up for a sequel which I always find irritating but was still worth a watch :)
Well Camerons home now! Off to put kids to bed and chill out with some tv, might get another pack of cinnimon squares now Caitlin won't steal them lol

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your catch up tv and I'm sure cereal is far better than crisps anyway :)


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