Thursday, 7 February 2013

Little girls

Sometimes I feel sorry for Caitlin, theres a little girl in her class who is such a little drama queen. Anyone who is friends with this girl isn't allowed to be friends with anyone else unless she says so, not allowed to play with anyone else unless she says so and if they do she throws a fit. I get its probably about low self esteem, shes insecure and worries about missing out or that if her friends make other friends they won't like her as much anymore. Either that or shes just a mini control freak, lol. Makes me feel bad for Caitlin as sometimes she'll want to play but the girl won't let her, and tbh makes me feel a little bad for the girl as the teacher says the stronger willed kids in class are starting to run away from her at playtime as they don't like being told what to do. Didnt have as much of this with Cameron! Boys are easier, I think all of this 'dont play with them play with me!' attention seeking, toys out of the pram kind of rubbish is mainly little girl behaviour.
Well Cameron started karate tonight :) He seems to really enjoy it which I'm thrilled about :) I think he's doing really well too but being his mum I'm a little biased lol. Will ask his teacher when hes done and see how he thinks he did. While hes busy doing that I'm having a look though this :)
Hoping it will kick start my mojo as so much to do and no motivation to do it!


  1. It gets worse as they get older Gemma. Hope you find your mojo.

  2. I think there's a little girl like that in every class at every school and I think it's horrible x


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