Saturday, 2 February 2013

Great day :)

I love it when a day turns out really well :) When the kids are well behaved, or do something particually good, they earn a button. Every weekend they can cash in the buttons for a treat, ranging from time on the computer to a day out depending how many they use. This weekend Caitlin wanted a movie night and Cameron wanted to go out to dinner. As it was a nice day we decided to go to a local wood and hunt for bugs, then go for a take away afterwards. Cameron, randomly, loves The harvester. Most kids fave places to go would be Pizza hut or Mcdonalds, my boy loves a steak house lol. I think its mainly to do with the fact they have a all you can eat salad bar which includes pineapple. However its bloody pricey so bit out of our budget at the moment so decided on mcds instead.
Bug hunting was SO much fun! Kids played happily at the park while me and Mark relaxed with a cup of tea, then we went hunting. There are loads of benches in East Carlton which is great because mark could take regular rests while me and the kids lifted rocks and looked under leaves. We found loads and I went into 'science teacher' mode apprently lol.
After hunting, covered in mud and pretty shattered we went to.....The Harvester lol. I have NO willpower when it comes to my babies and I managed to find a voucher online to get 25% off so wasn't too bad. Was such a nice meal and if I'm honest really bloody funny. See with Mark, he can have many levels with his illness. Physically its easy, if hes having a bad day we stay home, he rests. Simple. Mentally however its a whole other ball game. Simply put it can be:
+ Mentally well - Normal guy, thinking normal. Not often hes like that lol.
+ Angry and agressive - Usually when hes tired and over stimulated. I can predict these a bit more now but when hes like this he shouts lots and snaps easy. Luckily not often as I send him upstairs to rest if I see this coming on.
+ Thinks hes mentally well when hes not - Oh I hate these ones. When he thinks he can cook, or do all the things he really cant and I spend my time following him about making sure he doesnt hurt himself.
+ Drunk - This is the rarest one now thank god, but when he was really sick it happened often, Mark doesnt drink, but there are occasions where his liver couldn't filter out everyday toxins and he would seem drunk when he wasn't. Still happens to a lesser degree when hes had a rough few days.
+ 10 year old Mark - This is how he is pretty much all the time now lol. For the most part hes like a pre-teen, great as a daddy and easily handled. Except for getting him to eat his fruit and veg, seriously its easier getting the kids to.
10 Year old Mark was well and truely more like 5 year old today. I think even with the rests the morning was too much for him and by the time we had got to dinner he was over tired and over stimulated. This resulted in him using a wooden skewer to hit glasses and try and play 'Happy birthday'. Using 2 wooden skewers and parts of Caitlins melon to make feet and walk around the table, and the best bit, stabbing all the packets of butter with the skewers and when I told him to stop wasting food he shouts 'But I just want to watch the world burn!' I nearly peed my pants. Love that I'm now at the stage where this is funny rather than mortifying. I took the skewers off of him and it was pretty uneventful after that. Except for him moaning 'Why are they runing my ice cream with this healthy rubbish?!' Apprently the title of 'Banana and toffee sundae' didn't give him enough of a clue.


  1. Glad you've had a great day :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time at the bug hunt and a bit of a giggle at the Harvester x


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