Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancake day!

Rant first so skip if you like but today has seriously SUCKED!!!!!! Everything that could go wrong has and I'm doing the usual 'oh yeah I'm fine it's no big deal' smiley face when really I'm ripping my hair out inside. Why can't anything just go the way it's sodding planned!!!!!!
Ok done, Well good points. My neice Evie stayed over last night which the kids loved. They camped out downstairs on their mattress and slept VERY little lol. I made pancakes for breakfast (obviously) which Evie had with syrup, Caitlin had jam and cam had chocolate sauce. My livingroom floor is now very sticky in places but didn't get a chance to mop up as had to go town and do about a million little jobs.
Kids also had their swimming lessons which went really well :) Caitlin is doing much better using the little square floats rather than the huge pool noodle and Cameron jumped in all by himself! Might not seem a big deal but before Christmas if he got water in his face while I was washing his hair he would FREAK! So this is really a big deal :)
On kids insistince I made pancakes for dinner lol. Same recipe as breakfast but instead of jam and choc spread they had veggies, cheese and ham. Mark oddly wanted cheese, garlic and soy sauce. Now I think odd cravings is something to do with his meds because he often asks for weird things since his transplant. Sometimes its really discusting and I'll make him eat it upstairs, this time however it was really yummy! was like doughier spring rolls. I did try and get a photo of both kids eating their pancakes but apprently in the time it takes to put the food in front of them, return to kitchen to put marks together and return, Cameron had scoffed his so just Caitlin lol.
Well tomorrow I've got to paint Camerons room and try and make some projects I'm seriously behind on! The kids friend Zoe is coming to play too and Caitlin has dancing in the afternoon, oh rubbis I forgot to get money out to pay for her exam, oh and get her new shoes!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!! Add trip to cash point to my list *rolls eyes*

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  1. Ew, some yuk pancake combinations there!!! I resisted as I'm being good and Imogen only likes sugar on hers - easy!!!


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