Friday, 15 February 2013


A common situation in this house is me, last thing at night, completly exsausted (lots of red squiggles, yeah I can't spell lol) standing at the foot of the bed thinking 'I havent stopped moving all dya, HOW is the house still a mess?!' Now a big part of that is the little whirlwinds known as Cameron and Caitlin. I can tidy the kitchen and come into the livingroom to find a bomb has hit it. A bigger part however is me getting distracted by every little thing lol. This is an example of my day:
Start in the living room, tidying up and pick up the breakfast dishes,
Take dishes into the kitchen, notice there are no clean tea towels,
Go to the bedroom to get one from the clean washing basket, notice the basket is full so sort the washing,
Put the first pile of clothes away and notice kids beds are a mess, make beds and find dirty pjs and socks in the bedding
Take dirty clothes downstairs to put in the wash, its now lunchtime
Make lunch for Mark, take lunch dishes into kitchen.
Now notice we're now into the afternoon, I only have a couple of hours before I go and get the kids form school and the dinner/bath/homework/bedtime routine starts and the living room is still a mess, washing is in piles on the bedroom floor and nothing is finished. See I know I'm doing it, in fact as I type I'm thinking about the piles of clean ironing I did yesterday still waiting to be hung up. Not that I'm going to do it right now granted because I can't be bothered, but at least I acknowledge it. :)
Anyway I say all this because that is exactly what happened yesterday. I started by tackling the HUGE ironing pile that had built up over half term. When putting away the marks jumpers I noticed there was not enough room in the wardrobe. So in my wisdom I decided to sort through the box at the end of the bed. This is a huge wooden blanket box we originally bought for Camerons nursery, I love this box as it is seriously solid and actually looks better with all the scratches, marks and scuffs its got over the years. :) Until yesterday it was home to all our old Summer clothes I was keeping in the hope that some would be useful to us this year.

WRONG! I spent 3 hours sorting through all the clothes but all of Caitlins beautiful outfits are too small for her now, :( someone needs to find a way to stop kids growing. :( On a happy not though the majority of the clothes for me are too big now :) There are a few tops that are still ok but I no longer have a pair of shorts to my name. Good job we're not going anywhere sunny this year!
So thats why the ironing still hasn't been put away, yesterday was spent sorting out the clothes, then today was spent listing them for sale! Hopefully will make a few extra pennies.
Oh these are the cards the kids made for me :) Caitlin made hers at school but Cameron made his with some of my scraps when I was in the bath one day. Shows how much I love him and the card that I dont even mind he got the wrong box and used the last sheet of my pink metallic cardstock, not my scraps lol.

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  1. Cute cards,
    Make yourself a list and don't start another task until the first is ticked off...


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