Sunday, 10 February 2013

Caitlin's crafting

Well did ok for January then missed one yesterday lol. Oh well. Today went well I think :) wasn't so hard to get to the testing center and the kids were so well behaved :) mark was tired from the trip but think it went ok. Managed to get the shopping done too with a few treats from the reduced section :)
Caitlin's been busy crafting! She loves making things now and I love watching her do it too. Shes not quite as picky as me and still won't let me help her but shes enjoying it so thats the main thing. I sorted out some of my craft boxes today and gave her some bits I wasn't likely to use which she was thrilled with bless her. Most got stuck on right away btu shes put a few bits in her box for next time. :)
This is a photo from when we went to see disney on ice. Stich was her favourite charecter there so she took loads of photos.
This is me and Caitlin on her first day of school. She used a lot of my random alphas here, not actually making any words though lol.
Well everyone's tired after a busy day, apprently we're getting lots more snow tomorrow so thinking a quiet day at home will be a good idea :)


  1. Aw bless her, love crafting with my girl :)

  2. She's done some great layouts, I love looking at what crafty things she's been doing x


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