Sunday, 17 February 2013

I have a kit!

Well I got it yesterday but with one thing or another didn't open it till today lol. I haven't subscribed to a kit since sarahs cards stopped theirs back in July, but I really missed them so after looking about decided to try 'quirky kits'. Its only once every second month so is cheaper and less overwhleming as if I'm honest I still have some sarahs kits I havent even touched yet lol. Well this is the one I got this month.

And tonight I actually sat down and scrapped! I managed to finish one layout I'm pleased with and half finished another, but that used mists so had to wait for it to dry so hopefully finish tomorrow. My living room was tidy this afternoon, not so much now lol.
Ugh not looking forward to tomorrow. kids go back to school which on one hand will be nice, they get to see all their friends again and housework becomes much easier, but I love having them home. I'm one of those Mums who loves having everyone under the same roof, feels wrong when we're not all together. I've also got to go to the post office to send off Camerons passport form too and lets face it on Monday morning the post office is a fate worse than death anyway! Will be worth it when we're all at Disneyland though :) managed to make a bit of money over the weekend selling stuff so will help towards spending money. When we booked it money wwas much less tight but wasnn't about to cancel it if I could help it! Kids are so excited and they deserve a nice holiday, they put up with so much with Mark being poorly and they're still such great kids. Cameron spent most of the afternoon reading Caitlins magazines to her so she could do the puzzles, then at bedtime poor Cameron woke up crying because his legs hurt (he gets really bad growing pains at times) while I was calming him down Caitlin came in and gave him her favourite teddy to make him feel better. So proud of them both :)


  1. Let us know what you think of the kit Gemma? Value for money etc??

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you create - I am not supposed to be buying anymore kits until I have made a big dent in my pile of Sarah's Cards kits. I did buy the Papermaze one a while ago and this month bought the SJ Crafts one - they are both a lot smaller (and cheaper) than the Sarah's Cards one. But I am still going to hold off doing another sub until I have cleared the other kits. It looks a nice kit.

  3. The kits looks great and I can't wait to see what you do with it x


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