Monday, 4 February 2013

Good with life, not with TV

Not to be big headed but I am really good in a crisis. I've worked with terminal illness, sexual abuse, domestic violence, sat with kids while their interviewed by social services and picked my sister up after shes been battered and bruised. Thats easy I can deal with all that. Sad tv, no chance.
Today I was sorting washing and finishing off bunting while watching Greys anatomy. Two characters (one dying of cancer) got married suddenly, that started off the tears, then my fave guy George dies!!! I didn't see it coming! OMG I couldn't breathe I was sobbing so hard into a pillow. lol. Honestly anything happy or sad on tv im a mess! Poor Mark just sat and hugged me telling me it wasn't real lol, feels real to me. I'm not mad honest :p
On a crafting note I did this layout for the sketchy scrappers group on UKS. It was my turn to set the sketch and this was the layout I did.
When at a christening for my cousins twins Caitlin stole my camera and took some pictures. They were actually quite impressive for a 3 year old I thought lol

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  1. It's because you don't have to stay strong when you're watching TV, you stay strong for everyone in real life and the TV is your release. Great layout and lovely photo from Caitlin :)


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