Friday, 8 February 2013

Proud Mummy :)

Well Cameron LOVED his karate lesson last night :) It was so cute seeing him sticking his tongue out from concentrating so much. Hes really excited about going back and even got a certificate for doing so well!
Well other than that I've been really boring and doing nothing. Housework and visiting my Gran and thats about it. lol. If I'm honest I'm really distracted anyway as have Marks employment support allowance assesment Sunday. I've NO idea where abouts the assesment center is and as it's Sunday I've got to take the kids which I'm not looking forward to. I hate these assesments. All his drs say he can't work and shouldn't be left alone so hate having to go in and feel integorgated like we're making it up. Ugh, got to be done though I guess. Next week is half term so getting sunday out of the way then looking forward to the week with my kiddies :)


  1. I'm sure all will go well and worrying about nothing :)

  2. Well done to Cameron! I hope everything went well on Sunday x


Thanks for your comments. :)