Monday, 18 February 2013

My day

Well today has been a looooooong day. Didnt start off too great as as usual after half term Cameron was weepy about going back. :( Once again Caitlins hot dinner order didn't go through so had to piece together a lunch for her, thought she was happy about it at least lol. Getting home I got the mail and things went from bad to worse.

That is the over payment we apprently got from benifits back in 2009. We apprently appealed it and this is the total we now need to repay. I don't remember any of it to be honest but at that time Mark was at his most poorly so don't remember much lol. We're now repaying it at £40 a month so will only take 6 years to pay off, lol. Ah you need to laugh don't you, oh and to add to the fun Camerons DS broke so the £140 we made selling stuff will now go on replacing that. If he broke it himself I'd make him wait but the battery has just stopped holding a charge so think its just wear and tear.
We sent off for Camerons passport though so pleased with that :) Mark bless him bought me lunch too to cheer me up. He's obviously not allowed a credit card or accsess to the money because he has no memory as to what needs to be paid, what he has spent or anything. I remember when we were living apart I checked his bank statement to find over £400 had been spent in HMV and he had NO idea what it was spent on or where the items were! He is still a grown man though so I give him £30 a month to spend on what he likes. This time he insisted on buying me my favourite coffee and cake to cheer me up. :)

Afternoon was spent tidying, collecting kids and the usual dinner, bath, homework etc. So after such a long day think I'll relax with the scrapbooking I left out from last night lol.


  1. It's horrible to get a shock like that in the post but Mark was so sweet taking you out for a treat x

  2. That's not a very nice letter :( Surely if he is entitled now, he was then too?


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